How It Works


STEP 1 - Create an Account

Register for an account. It is fast, free, and easy.


STEP 2 - Deposit Funds Off-Site

Most contests require an entry fee to join. You can deposit funds offline by following the instructions on the Deposit Funds page.


STEP 3 - Choose a Sport & Contest Style

Select a sport you would like to play. We offer NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, GOLF and CBK. Then, choose the gameplay style that is applicable to the sport such as standard survivor, over/under, point-spread, perfect pick or confidence.  For more details on how to play each game refer to Official Rules and Scoring.


STEP 4 - Make Your Selections

Review the options presented and make your picks. For traditional survivor, you need to pick one team you feel most confident will win. As you advance each day or week, you typically can't use that same team. Other gameplay variances work similarly, with simple twists like over/under and point-spread options. See our rules and scoring for a description of each gameplay type.



STEP 5 - Watch the Results

Monitor your live entries if you want to or log back in at any time to see how the results panned out. Many contests require daily or weekly management so you can continue to make picks if you survive and aren't eliminated. If you win, cash is deposited in your on-site account.

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