Frequently Asked Questions

What is EliminatorPools?

EliminatorPools is a fantasy sports website that lets you play in "survivor" based contests where you can win cash if you survive the process of elimination by correctly picking teams, over/under, and point spread matchups more accurately than competitors.

How do I play on EliminatorPools?

Once you’re registered, simply select a contest to join from our lobby. You can pick between NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, GOLF, and NCAA basketball contests, each of which have varying gameplay options.

When you join a contest, you pick the outcomes you think will occur and survive by being correct. Once there’s nobody left, you win. Some contests have multiple winners.

Are there any restrictions involving who can play on EliminatorPools?

To be eligible to play, a user must be at least 18 years old. See our terms and conditions.

How fast does EliminatorPools pay users after they win?

When you win a contest, you earn the prize money almost instantly. As soon as our data provider verifies the way a sporting event finalized, the website will pay your on-site account the funds. From there, you can use the funds to join more contests or elect to withdraw funds at any time. Most withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

How does a Confidence Pool work?

You take the total number of games offered (ie. 10) and put a number 1 through 10 beside one team for EACH game. You can only use each number ONCE!

If a team you chose wins, you get that number of points. The most points at the end of that day wins!

(user 1)

ATL vs CAR (6)

BUF vs MIN (9)

(user 2)

ATL vs CAR (7)

BUF (2) vs MIN

if Carolina wins and Buffalo wins:

(user 1) gets 6 total points

(user 2) gets 9 total points

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